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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Hand Quilting in the Autumn

Our Autumn rains have started, the weather is chilly and it is time to pull out the Autumn projects.  I made this quilt top in 2011 (really?  That long ago?) and had it machine basted in 2014.  It has been patiently waiting for me to begin hand quilting - and now seems to be the time.

Kim - in Tasmania - has begun her spring quilting - and we've decided to hand quilt "together" this year - she in her spring - me in our Autumn.
Be sure and visit her wonderful blog - you'll be hooked, for sure.
And Julie - in Japan - is always hand quilting something beautiful - she does all of her stitching by hand, nothing by machine, you'll be amazed.  So that makes three of us hand quilting together, anyone else care to join us?

 The fabrics are 30s Reproductions - probably my favorite fabrics, and definitely my favorite colors.
 Hand appliqued Dresden Plates - and some of them I adapted - using the Dresden Plates as a starting point.
I made the Dresden Plates into a basket with "yo yo" flowers, a butterfly and an Umbrella Girl with "yo yo" bustle.  It was such fun designing these blocks.
 The border is hand appliqued swags with more "yo yo" trim.  You can see the random machine basting in this photo.  The stitches are about 3/4" long - I will pull them out when the hand quilting is done.
The swag borders had not been added yet in this photo.
 Close up of the basket with its flowers and leaves.
I am going to enjoy the hand quilting - it is a nice peaceful activity for the rainy months here in Washington.  What projects do you have planned for Autumn and Winter this year?


eileeninmd said...

Hello, your quilt is just beautiful. The blocks are beautiful, I love the basket with flowers. Pretty colors, lovely work! I hope it is not too rainy! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

Vintage Linen Embroideries said...

That is one very beautiful quilt. I love how you have added the extra design blocks; adds so much to the overall design. The colors are bright and cheerful and I can see you and Kim being the best of friends with her quilting project and yours. Best of luck on the hand quilting! Keep us updated. I will love to see your progress.

Michelle said...

This is so beautiful and just so sweet to me! My grandmother wanted to make a quilt for me when I was expecting my first baby and she was going to make blocks with that girl figure on them. It turned out to be a boy! lol

Anonymous said...

Lovely quilting. I'm so impressed!

Sylvia said...

Joann, What a lovely quilt with the little surprises blocks. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

Kay said...

Beautiful, JoAnn! And what fun to quilt with some international buddies!
I must get started on making handmade Christmas cards but so far I haven't generated much enthusiasm. I started quite a few of them over the summer but I need to return to them and get going. In the meantime there are fall birthday cards that come first...

Kim said...

Oh my giddy aunt!! Your Dresden Plate quilt is a picture of gorgeousness. Oh, how I love fabrics reminiscent of the 1930s. I have always loved Dresden Plates....I must fashion one of these pretties, one of these days. I am in love with the lemon background, it shows off your beautiful blocks perfectly. Love the basket of yo yo flowers, the butterfly, the umbrella girl, the pretty swag.......all are so pretty! I can't wait to see this gorgeous work of art quilted. How lovely to think as I hand quilt all the way down here basking in the gorgeousness of Springtime, you are up there quilting your gorgeous Dresden in the beauty of your Fall. You have put a smile in my heart, lovely friend. Xx

Maggie said...

What a wonderful project to have for the coming months and good friends to share the quiet quilting times with. The Dresden plate design and colours are beautiful.
I do love quilts but haven't the skill to make them myself, one of my favourite possessions is a full size Amish wedding ring quilt which I brought back home from a trip to Pennsylvania in the mid '90's.
Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday this week and sharing your project with us.

Tom said...

JoAnn, I invite you to sharing your treasure at Tuesday's Treasures!

ann said...

Oh my. The quilt is gorgeous and must be finished. The hand quilting will make it even more special. I've made one quilt and decided that I am not very good at. For one thing my eyes (and brain) get lost in the color and pattern. So I admire those who have the patience and the brain to quilt. I love the pretty basket with the yo-yos. So pretty.

Powell River Books said...

What beautiful work. My plans are a little more basic. I am going to spray paint three of my cut-in-half blue 55-gallon barrels to make larger planters for my growing blueberry plants. I usually just leave the barrels blue, but I thought it would look nice to have the two on the deck next to the cabin match the hunter green trim. Oh, and I have a big rock I want to paint into a ladybug. I picked up the heavy things early in the summer and never got around to getting it done. - Margy

J said...

WOW! This is a beauty! Love the colors and your careful hand stitching. But I am TOTALLY in love with your original Dresden basket! Please give us updates as you work on her through the rainy season.
It's a dreary morning here today, but I really popped my eyes open at your bright and happy new header!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This will be wonderful to complete and then have out to enjoy. You are so smart at so many sewing projects. I was supposed to sew during the summer months but for Fall and Winter, we will be outside more. I can't wait! Hugs!