Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones

And now back to Clara's story.

It is almost time for Clara to leave for her trip to Denmark, where she will be a birthday surprise for Julee's great-niece.

Time for a good sleep before the big trip - do you think they will get any sleep?
 Clara needs jammies for both summer and winter in her new home
 And cute little slippers to match

 Sally Jo
 Oh - Donnie has jammies too - made by our friend Diane - he wants to come to the party too - we are having cake and ice cream later

 Let's all change into our summer jammies
 And snuggle under our quilt
 Silly Donnie - photo bombing again
 Come snuggle in Donnie - we'll have a story
Then off to bed - next day Clara will be leaving for Denmark. Good night!

Check out Diane's dolls this week
And don't forget Candy - she's always got something fun too.


ann said...

The girls --and not to forget Donnie--are so cute. I am sure that they will miss Clara. I hope yiu will help them write letters. Here, I am trying to finish up my dollnouse so I haven't been sewing. I buy material, but I am hooked on the minis. Love visiting your girls.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love sweet little pjs and gowns for our dollies. Is that fabric looks so soft! And Donnie looks very handsome in his pjs too. I would love to make more long gowns for my dolls for the winter. Now's a good time to sew! Enjoy your day and thanks for inviting us all to play...and snuggle! Oh and I love that little raggedy doll in the first photo! Dollie hugs, Diane

Vee said...

Some little girl is going to be thrilled! What a day it will be when Clara arrives.

Lowcarb team member said...

Their clothes are lovely ...
Clara will be making a little girl so happy!

All the best Jan

Candy S said...

The girls look so sweet in their little nighties and of course Donnie looks very handsome in his PJ's. The summer baby doll nighties trimmed in lace are my favorites PJ's for the dolls. Have a nice evening.... Hugs, Candy

Julie Fukuda said...

I am almost tempted to change my vintage dolls into their night shirts and post a picture ... but I just changed their clothes to more summery finery and packed the rest back in the bag. Sometimes when Leia spends the night, she digs out the nighties, then in the morning they get a hodge-podge of bits and pieces ... last visit's being winter stuff. Too hot for that today!

J said...

I "heart" Clara's jammies! She is all set for any weather she encounters during and after her long voyage home!
The kids all look great snuggled up together. Perfect pairs of pjs for everybody. And love that Donnie! He keeps things lively - like all little boys do!

Small City Scenes said...

You are so clever with your little darlins' and great clothes. did you use some of the material you got a few weeks ago?
Hope Clara has a fun trip.
Yes yesterday was a perfect day and then today---oh well--this is where we live and LIKE it.

Kim said...

I think there is too much excitement for any sleep. The jammies are all so pretty and Donnie looks rather swish in his. Donnie is a wag isn't he.

Kay said...

Bye bye Clara! I'm sure someone in Denmark will be very excited to meet you!