Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, July 1, 2016


Daisies grow wild along our roadsides here in NW Washington state.  They are Ox-eye Daisies - smaller than the Shasta Daisies.

The daisies form blankets along the freeways
This is heading towards Seattle - you can see how the seeds slide down the slopes and make a bigger patch every year.
Not bad photos for 60 mph and taken through the windshield (no, I was not driving)
They go on for miles!

Often on quiet country roads we'll stop and pick a pretty bouquet.


Maggie said...

They do look beautiful. I am glad you weren't driving!

eileeninmd said...

Oh my, they must beautiful in person. I love daisies!
Happy Friday, enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

Tom said...

you can never have too many daisies

The Weaver of Grass said...

They are so beautiful JoAnn. I love white flowers - they have a kind of purity.
I do love your header.

J said...

I wonder, if after God created Washington, he looked at it carefully and said, "Too much green!" So then he tossed in some daisy and foxglove seeds and several thousand tulip bulbs and said, "There! That's better!"

Kay said...

Your header is very pretty!
These flowers are everywhere on the Olympic Peninsula too. I picked a pretty bouquet of daisies our first year in Sequim. Within a few hours I was sneezing to beat the band. The next day I saw a thick dusting of pollen across the top of our table and realized why I was sneezing. Regrettably, we haven't invited daisies inside since.

Small City Scenes said...

Yeah I like seeing the daisies too. They are just everywhere.
Have a great weekend, Enjoy the 4th and be safe.

Julie Fukuda said...

While pulling fields of weeds, I keep wishing that something like daisies would move in instead. They could be left and enjoyed for years to come.

Forest Dream Weaver said...

They are beautiful....thanks for sharing this!

Mary said...

I so love all daisies and these certainly making highway driving more enjoyable.


Powell River Books said...

That same stretch of road has lots of yellow Scotch Broom earlier in spring. I love all of the natural flowers, but soon the weather will be too warm. By the way, daisies are my favourite flower. - Margy

Maggie said...

Self seeded wildflowers are so beautiful, they make every day magical. Great photos considering the circumstances!