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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Friday, December 4, 2015

Surprise in the Mail

A surprise in the mail - I love surprises in the mail.  A package arrived a few weeks ago from my blogging buddy Candy - she has the most fabulous blog all about table settings and her fabulous collections of dishes and accessories - you can spend days reading through and looking at all the wonderful photos.  She also is a sewing buddy - one of my friends that makes doll clothes for our 18" Madam Alexander dolls - and can she ever sew. She has a second blog just about her dolls.  You've just got to see all the wonderful things she has sewn for her dolls.  When Candy does something she does it spectacularly and her blogs are proof.
The package had so many fun things - I can't wait to start sewing with them
I loved the jacket she sewed for one of her dolls from this pattern and she generously sent me the same pattern.  My dolls will be so happy with their new jackets and coats
 And there are even knit and crochet versions - I must try those. 
 There were three fabrics in the package - all three of my dolls want outfits using this paper doll fabric (Donnie Doll wants a shirt with cowboys and horses on it - or penguins)
 Elastic ribbon - hmmmm, how shall I use that?  I know it will got well with the paper doll fabric.  I've never seen elastic ribbon before.

 Dotted Swiss fabric.  This fabric was first produced around 1750 in Switzerland and was sometimes called Swiss Muslin.  I think a pretty summer dress would be perfect in this fabric.
 And pretty ribbons and trims - perfect to go with the Dotted Swiss
Or maybe Donnie Doll would like a shirt with ice skates and ice fishers on it - that would be perfect - next thing you know, they will be wanting ice skates.

Thank you Candy - I love everything in the package.


Michele said...

Oh how SWEET of her!

Oh aren't your little misses going to love these new clothes? That longer empire cut red coat on the pattern package is to DIE FOR - very Christmas-ey!

Yes, Donnie is going to love a shirt with those skaters and fishers! : - )

Happy sewing - and Cindy is a dear to have sent that for you, knowing how many doors it will open up for you and your little friends! ♥

Powell River Books said...

How wonderful - a great surprise. - Margy

Small City Scenes said...

I do like the dotted Swiss fabric and I really like the skating pattern. My Mother me a beautiful dotted Swiss dress when I was in the fourth grade. I tried out for Queen in the Junior Rose Parade in Portland. I didn't win but was a Princess and got to ride on a float in the parade.
The tree full of Eagles is on the Bay
View-Edison Road by the Samish river.

eileeninmd said...

What a wonderful gift and surprise. Your dolls are always well dressed...Happy weekend to you!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Blog buddies know just what we love! Candy is such a sweetheart and has the cutest dolls. She is so talented making cute creations too. I love your sweet gift. You've sure blessed me with a lot of pretty things. That's a nice pattern. I hope you have a fun weekend! dollie hugs, Diane

Sara - Villa Emilia (My Woodland Garden) said...

Also this post makes the reader smile happily. Such wonderful fabrics and ribbons! The patterns seen are really pretty. What a lovely surprise gift!
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Oh Jo Ann how beautiful. How I wish I had know about these patterns when my grands were little and playing with American Dolls. Too late now. my ggs are 2 boys so no doll clothes. So glad I found you, however. Over from JoAnn's Pink Party.

J said...

What a charming collection of cute little goodies to get you inspired for the next round of sewing! I just adore the paper doll fabric! Reminds me of playing them with my sisters for hours and hours. It was well before the era of the bounty of what little girls play with today - but it was wholesome and fun and kept us very busy!
You are going to have a ball with your package from Candy!

Amy at love made my home said...

What a wonderful surprise package! xx

Kay said...

That's quite a treat! What a nice thing for her to do! You're going to have so much fun with all of that. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
My three card making buddies (who come over to my "she shack" to make cards with me) went together recently and bought me a gift certificate for our local scrapbooking store. That shopping trip was like an early Christmas present!

Julie Fukuda said...

Wow, patterns for doll clothes! Just think of all the possibilities.

Petite Plangonophile au chocolat said...

Hi JoAnn! That's what I call a good present. All the items Candy sent you are so cute: the pattern, the elastic ribbon, the trims and the fabrics. I am sure you will make some lovely outfits for your dolls.
Have fun!

Candy S said...

JoAnn, You are just the sweetest lady! It truly is so much fun to share when you know the other person will be enjoying something as much as you do. I am sorry I did not see this post earlier. Life kind of took the drivers seat this week. Have a wonderful day.....