Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Scavenger Hunt

April Scavenger Hunt

Upside Down
Mallards - looking for something good to eat


At my friend's house - a quilt she made

Something Sweet
A tray of cookies is always a sweet treat

The rhubarb is showing growth already

Glass Balls - floats from fishing nets 
Quilts in my bedroom - on the treadle sewing machine and a quilt rack

Rain on tulips

Egg cups

I think the rooster is selling fresh eggs



Whatever You Want
I think this horse was once a unicorn

April Scavenger Hunt  


Montanagirl said...

Nice Series - LOVE that last shot. That horse for all the world looks like it was once a Unicorn!!!

Powell River Books said...

My rhubarb was just coming back when I left. It is in a small pot. I should give it a larger home to help the roots and to hold more water when I'm gone. - Margy

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photo hunt, I love the mosaic! The horse is one of my favorites.. Have a happy day!

Glo said...

A great variety as usual :) Love the mosaic of them all. Your upside ducks were a great idea ;) Exquisite quilts in your bedroom and on the chair...they add such a touch of comfort, in more ways than one. Tulips in the rain is a pretty shot, and your egg cups are adorable. I nearly used Clydesdale feet as well...on the horses that pull the carriages in Victoria, but the crow won out. Terrific unicorn!

Amanda Peters said...

Lovely set of photos, like the glass balls and wooden floats...
Amanda xx

Amy at love made my home said...

Wonderful finds! I love your mosaic of them all at the start, I don't remember seeing anyone do that before, but I like it!! You will probably tell me now that you do it every month!! Oh well, I like it in any case. I totally agree about the unicorn horse too!!! xx

Kezzie said...

Your photos are great! I love the collection of glass balls and the rainy tulips are beautiful!
Lovely chair photo, what a great background!x

J said...

Just beautiful! You really captured the essence of each word!

Wildflowerhouse said...

What a delightful post. Love those duck tails And yes I am sure the horse was a unicorn.

Kay said...

I have to laugh: I wonder if we'd have the kinds of weight problems we do if people ate like ducks, with their tails up in the air.
Love the Clydesdales! Perfect furry feet!

Julie said...

Enjoyed your selection as always. I tried to get the same photo of the ducks but they weren't playing ball this month. Also love the Adirondack (?) chair and your gorgeous quilts. Love your header too by the way - cherry blossom season is such a joy. x

shazza said...

I love it when I see Ducks doing the 'Bottoms Up' and I love the egg cups. :)

Candy S said...

The ducks going bottoms up is my favorite picture although the horse trying out for the unicorn part is gorgeous too.

Fundy Blue said...

What a lovely, soothing collection of photos, JoAnn! They instantly relaxed me. That beautiful horse with its huge feet! I said it before, but that header takes my breath away! Happy hunting this month!

GĂ©raldine B. said...

It's just beautiful !!