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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Table

 -We planned a family barbecue for our 4th of July celebration.  I knew I had a lot of pretty dishes to use - and started getting them out.  First I set the table for two - using the Blueberry Picnic dishes to start with.

But before we see the dishes - I must tell you of a wonderful blogger who is more than generous.  We exchange stories about the dishes we buy at thrift stores and yard sales - and I was showing her a picture of the set of Blueberry Picnic dishes (the blue checked ones) I had bought a set of at Goodwill recently.  But I didn't have service for 8 of everything.  She said she had found the exact same plates in her Goodwill in Ohio and she wanted to send them to me.  That was so generous.  Soon the box arrived - and inside - packed around the plates, was a tablecloth to match and dozens of pretty vintage linens, used for the padding.  Each piece was freshly ironed and in perfect condition.  What a surprise, when all I was expecting as the plates.  The blogger is Candy - and you can see her fabulous table settings HERE - at Plum Creek Place.   Be sure and read some of her older posts - her tables are beyond wonderful - as is she!  Thank you Candy.

The plates are called Blueberry Picnic - they come in green and lavender too.  These seemed perfect for the 4th of July table.  I set it for two for breakfast and then later set up the barbecue buffet.  This is cherry season in Washington and we have an abundance of Ranier Cherries and Bing Cherries.  Prices are really good - 2.99 a pound for Bing and 3.99 for Ranier - much cheaper than most years.
I found the short blue glasses at Goodwill this very week - I was wishing I had some blue glasses and there they were - just waiting for me.  This is the tablecloth that Candy sent me - isn't it a perfect match for the plates?

Sailboat napkin ring and sailboat glasses.  The glasses originally came with cottage cheese in them - in the 50s.  There is a ridge inside the glasses for a little cardboard lid.

Ranier cherries for me and Don prefers the Bing Cherries

Table for two
I love the little glass birds, can't eat them - but they are certainly cute.

The little red sherbet dishes were a great find on clearance at a consignment shop - I can't believe no one bought them and they finally went on the clearance table.  Didn't take long for me to scoop them up.

These are the napkins I used - they started out as a tablecloth and I cut it up and fringed the edges of the napkins.  I think the Coca Cola design is perfect for a summer table

A god view of the darling tablecloth that Candy sent.
And now time to set up for the buffet in the afternoon - serving pieces and a metal basket for the red flatware.  Tomato and Yellow Pepper squeeze bottles for ketchup and mustard.
Beginning to fill the serving pieces

Are you getting hungry yet?

More food and an orange shaped pitcher for the lemonade.  Have you ever had Newman's Own Lemonade?  It is the best since homemade - and no high fructose corn syrup.

Baked beans in the red pyrex bowl - cooked on the deck in the crock pot so as not to make the house too warm in the summer.  And potato salad in the radish shaped serving dish.
I think we are about ready to eat - let's grill those hot dogs, hamburgers and bratwursts

I like baskets for serving chips in - the watermelon basket and the green checked basket were finds at Goodwill - they are from teleflora flower arrangements - perfect for summer food.

The new blue glasses from Goodwill - brand new, unused and only 69 cents each
Dessert anyone?  A Bumbleberry Pie - so many fresh berries are commercially grown  here.  We get them cheaply at the farm stands - blueberries, blackberries (which also grow wild here), strawberries and raspberries - all mixed together, make a fabulous pie
And Hawaiian shirt plates for serving dessert.
Monster cookies - no flour in these cookies and they are monstrously good.
It was a fabulous barbecue - I love holidays with the family!

Did you have a barbecue or picnic on the 4th?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a perfect red, white and blue 4th of July table! My fave accent pieces are those white star dishes! And LOVE the Hawaiian shirt plates for dessert, LOL!

Candy S said...

JoAnn, you have outdone yourself on this wonderfully festive Fourth of July Table. It made me tear to know that the blueberry plates have been adopted into such a wonderful new home where they will be loved and used. The tablecloth is a perfect size for your table, and it does look great with the blueberry table. I am just tickled pink to know they are part of such a happy table. The blue GW glasses are the perfect color for the Fourth of July, that was a lucky find indeed. All of the Teleflora containers that have been re-purposed for great serving pieces are so festive. I just love the watermelon basket, it is perfect for chips! The bumbleberry pie and the cookies look so tasty, I have not had a good slice of bumbleberry pie in ages. Yum! And the colorful Hawaiian plates are perfect for serving a Summer desert. Great table JoAnn! I love it!

J said...

Wow! I am crazy about those plates too! In fact, just yesterday I bought a set of paper gingham plates in red. Didn't really need them, but the pattern just screams, "SUMMER!" so I had to have them!
Isn't it fun to gather all your individual fun finds and put them all together to make one great festive table for family to admire? Thanks for sharing your treasures and ideas with us!

Kay said...

The Blueberry Picnic plates are wonderful and that tablecloth couldn't be more perfect! You set a wonderful table for the 4th...and yes, it made me very hungry to look at it all! I've browsed our Goodwill but not found much in the kitchen/tableware department. They seem to be focused more on clothes around here.

Julie Fukuda said...

I can see I spent my 4th of July in the wrong place. I love your festive table with all the goodies.
Candy is the kind of friend we could all use more of.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

What a beautiful and delicious spread. Ranier cherries ...4.99 a lb here / hoping the price goes down a bit. They are the best, though.

Lori E said...

JoAnn your table is so fun and inviting. What a lovely gift from your new blog friend. I will drop by there when done here.
I think lots of great items get left on the shelves in the consignment shops because people can't visualize how to use them like this. We bloggers look at things in a very different way.