Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Well, What Would You Do?

A very nice thrift store
Recently moved to a new location
Lots of parking
All christmas items are 50% off
What would you do?
I KNOW what I would do 
And I did

I cruised through the christmas stuff - and they had a LOT of it

These cute skating bears had to come home with me

And another Santa for my collection
Santa and his reindeer  reinmoose

You just gotta love that face!

Four pretty metal napkin rings - one can never have too many napkin rings

And then I saw it - oh could it be - yes it is

A Double Wedding Ring tree skirt.

I've been looking for a new tree skirt for a long time - We've had our old one since before our kids were born - and our oldest will be 48 tomorrow - time for a change?

Ohhhh - a Boyd's Bear - brand new - still had the hang tag - and only 3.00, no wait!

Half price - he was 1.50  -  His name is Winter Mintly - we'll just call him Mintly

He likes the new tree skirt - me too!

He wanted me to show you his mint on his paw - he's quite proud of that, and wants some peppermint ice cream.

And a pretty tablerunner - it is long enough to go the length of the dining room table, with the giant leaf in it.  I might use this over a crocheted tablecloth for christmas dinner.

And of course - after the half price christmas items, I had to look at the rest of the store.

It just wouldn't be polite to go to their newly opened store (they used to be downtown with no parking and a much smaller store) and not look at all they had to offer.

So I looked at the Majolica, made in Italy plates

Two of each design  -  and only 10.00 for all four.  So why am I telling you the price?  Because I was stunned, shocked, amazed, when I got them home and on the back - the original price tag
$207.00 EACH - each - I can't believe that.  First, that anyone would pay that much, and second, that I'd find them in a thrift store.  This is one nice thrift store!

I will definitely use these leaf plates for something at Thanksgiving

And a cute tea set - with a platter  - this will be great for spring teas on the deck (5.00 for the entire set)  This was my lucky day!

And a pretty autumn dish - it had a candle in it - but I microwaved it and slid the candle out when it was soft 
I want to use this for a candy dish - or a relish dish

Pretty leaves on the side.

So - what would you have done?


Grandma Barb's This and That said...

I would have done the same thing! You really found some great bargains. Can't believe the price of those plates! Yes, I would have bought them.

J said...

OMGoodness! You scored! The prices you paid for wonderful things are unbelievable! And it looks like you are set for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and next spring - what a fun time you had! I would do research on those expensive plates online. It would be fun to see what they sell for now!

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh dear, I wouldn't have been able to walk through that door. How very tempting.....

greenthumb said...

So many lovely Christmas finds.

Lynn said...

wow you sure went to town-imagine a 207 dollar plate in a thrift store and I had the same tea pot set but my teapot was a different shape, I bought the set in Eaton's in Victoria, B.C. 1976.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow! That is QUALITY thrift store stuff! You scored some great finds!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

You really hit the jackpot! Love all the dishes and the tree skirt and table runner. The Autumn leaves dishes are wonderful for Thanksgiving. I wouldn't be able to resist. xo

Kay said...

Oooh boy! I LOVE to see your thrift store finds! It's almost as much fun as shopping myself (and I don't have to figure out where I'll put everything!). Great finds! Bravo!

Lorrie said...

You picked up lots of great stuff. I might have picked up the majolica plates, but I'm not much of a collector of stuff. I do like admiring other people's collections, though.

Lori E said...

Wow. I would have done exactly what you did. Wow again. Wow. Our thrift stores are so empty and what they do have is unappealing and not very nice.
You got some great finds there.