Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, June 28, 2013

Random 5 Friday

I haven't done this for a while - so thought I'd try it this week.  I  have lots of time to sit and think - I have a summer cold and it is better today (sneeze sneeze, cough cough) but not completely gone.

1. Don's vacation starts on July 4th, for 11 glorious days.

Donnie eating his tortilla. I'm not sure if he was eating with that shovel or just playing with it before dinner.

2. We will spend some of those vacation days in cabins at Bayview State Park and right across Fidalgo Bay at the Fidalgo Bay RV Resort.  There are new cabins at the resort with decks that have a view of the bay - so I expect a lot of good bird photos during that time.  Tripod and cameras are already on the packing list.

Green onions growing in a pot on the deck - late sunshine makes them shine.

3.  I have lots of white flowers in the planters on the deck and they almost glow in the late evening light - I must get some photos of them soon.

I think this cloud looks like an octopus

4. I love fish, Don, not so much, so I usually order fish when we go out to eat.  There is lots of fresh fish in NW WA on the coast.  When we lived in Kansas in the 70s I was a bit skeptical when the menu had "fresh salmon" - I never ordered any in Kansas.

Lupines in weeds alongside a country road.

5.  I like to post random photos that have nothing to do with the subject - just to make you wonder how they relate.  Don't worry - they don't.

Potato field in bloom - WA grows a LOT of potatoes and they are the best we've ever tasted - Sorry Idaho.  They grow red potatoes and yellow potatoes - tons and tons of them.  The yellow potatoes have white blossoms - the red potatoes have pink blossoms.  This field grows red potatoes.

Random 5 Friday  


Anonymous said...

I love your random photos - nice tough to the five other random things! I think the cloud looks like an octopus, too, and I've never seen a potato field, so thank you!

Mary said...

Mmmm! Potatoes! I love 'em. Especially baked with butter, and i adore the skins. Trying to cut back on starches, but it'not easy!

Yay for 11 days of vacation. Have a wonderful time at Bayview!

I love your random photos! Lots of fun.

Kay said...

Love the shot of Donnie.

I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful vacation! Have fun!!

I don't think I've seen a potato field before. Nice shot! The best - the very, very best - potatoes I've ever had were in Western Ireland (no surprise there). They were served with nearly every meal I had and they were always delicious no matter how they were prepared. At one meal they were even served two ways. I don't know what kind they were, but they were great, and memorable. Sorry, Washington.

greenthumb said...

I bet you can't wait for your holiday, sounds like its going to be a good one. Take looks of photos.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Pretty shots of the potato field and the lupine! The cloud does look like an octopus.
Have a wonderful vacation!

Nancy said...

Your vacation sounds like something I could really enjoy. Unfortunately, I'm stuck here with the chickens and geese and cats and...

Have a lovely time.

Barb said...

I like both the photos and your random thoughts. The onion stems look like party ribbon. Have fun on vacation.