Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hooked of Fridays - and flowers

There is a party going on - on Fridays - over at - Hooked on Houses come along and see the wonderful things other bloggers are hooked on.

My obsession right now is flowers - all sorts - all colors.

These bright little pansies are in a pot hanging on the porch railing. They survived the winter and are blooming like crazy - and have been for weeks. It gets really hot on that porch in sunny weather and yet they keep right on. Just recently I noticed that a stalk of bird seed was growing in the same pot - and the bird feeders are not nearby. I'll have to try and get a picture of it.

Foxgloves are one of my favorites - the name come from the traditional "folks gloves" - because the little folks in the gardens would take the single bells and wear them for gloves.

White against a purple rhododendron - what a combination!

And the lovely pink "folks gloves" - one of my favorites . . .

This white one was growing across the street, near the woods, on a slope. It looks like it grew upside down. The next day it had fallen over in the rain, I was glad I got a photo of it.

I love the freckles inside the fox gloves. . .and you can almost see the fairies putting their tiny babies to sleep in the flowers, rocking them to sleep in the breeze. . .

This sweet little fairy sits next to a new miniature rose on the porch - see the rain on the bench? We've not seen much of that lately - but hopefully more soon. The blossoms on this rose are so cute and sweet - again - I'll get a picture of them soon.

We dug these ox eye daisies alongside the roads in the country, this spring. Our oldest daughter helped me transplant them into our garden and they've gone crazy. They reseed quite well and I envision waves of them next summer.

And the larger shasta daisy - I got these in a barter group we belong to. They have grown to be about 6 feet tall and are peeking through the railings on the porch - 6 steps above the ground level, and Crow Crow is enjoying them.

Don loves to buy me bouquets and he couldn't resist this big bouquet of sunflowers from the farm stand a few weeks ago. They are so bright and cheery.

Up close and personal with one sunflower - such a pretty face!

A lovely bouquet of snapdragons - the brightest sunniest yellow possible. Do your snapdragons sing when you pinch the bottom of the individual flowers? Mine can't stop singing - some high, some low, always singing all the day long.

Listen closely - don't you hear that sweet music? Laaaa la la la laaaaaaa . . .

Two bouquets of gladioloas - Don's favorite flower and I get to enjoy his love of flowers too . . .

More pink and white - and just a glimpse of the purple bouquet . . .

Close-up of the purple - such colors!!

And the pinks - so lovely . . .

The white is spectacular, with just the fainest pink shading.

I am so lucky to have Don bring me bouquets - sometimes he picks flowers from the yard and brings them in to me also - and sometimes he buys the flowers - but however they come - I love them all - and Don too.

Happy flowers to you - what is your favorite flower?


Fifi Flowers said...

BEAUTIFUL flowers!

Terry said...

Thanks. I'll bet your flowers make all of your neighbors homes look better. I'm such a bad bouquet bringer but I do plant summer flowers for her in time for mothers' day.