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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cupcake Practice

Let's make some cupcakes - let's make them extra pretty.  I got some new piping tips recently, and needed practice, so our daughters decided we would get together and have a practice session before Easter dinner.  We baked cupcakes, made frosting and readied our supplies.  A cupcake decorating party is a great idea - that way we'd be really good at it before our family dinner.

These are the new tips - they are quite large - and make a whole flower all at once.  They are called Russian Piping Tips - quite clever and lots of fun.
Our first try - the frosting has to be thicker than for other piping tips - so the bigger flowers hold their shape.  Fix the frosting - and try again.
 With  practice we improved - lots of fun - lots of silliness - lots of laughs - and lots of pretty cupcakes - large and small 
 Here's a clever trick - spread multiple colors of frosting on plastic wrap - roll it up into a tube - cut off one end of the tube, place it in the piping bag and you get a flower with three colors.
A pretty multi-colored Columbine

 More practice - getting better
 The Columbine tip also makes a pretty multi-colored pansy

 I think we are almost ready now.

Would you like a cupcake?  I'll make a pot of tea.

And more of our new tips - these are about 2 1/2 inches tall and make big swirly designs - and use LOTS of frosting.
 Lovely orange swirls with a pretty rose on top.
Some of the cupcakes were taken to friends and family - and the remaining ones went to work with Don - where his co-workers devoured them in record time.

Tuesday's Treasures - it is always a treasure when we get together with family members

Mosaics made with picmonkey and photovisi


Powell River Books said...

Almost too pretty to eat. I can just see someone biting into one and licking all of that luscious frosting off their lips. - Margy

Tom said...

JoAnn, now if you can only figure out how make these yummy creations that would not raise my glucose numbers. In the mean time I'll have to look at these sweet treasures. Thanks so much for sharing this week, please stop back again.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

"Um..ummm...num...nuuum...nom-nom." Licks fingertips.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Too pretty to eat!

Tanya Breese said...

i agree with everyone else, they look too pretty to eat, but i'd force myself! i really like the multi-colored flowers!

Christine said...

Oh my how pretty! I've never seen such piping nozzles before but I know my two daughters would really love trying them out!
You made so many fabulous cupcakes you could open a cupcake shop!

Rose said...

I was going to say that I volunteered to sample the finished product, but they are too pretty to eat!

Prairie Needleworks said...

Beautiful cupcakes; almost too pretty to eat.

Michelle said...

These are just beautiful!

bettyl-NZ said...

Your work is just gorgeous! I would end up eating so much icing that I couldn't get through the door!

Lorrie said...

What pretty cupcakes you and your daughters created. They are full of spring colours. I've never seen tips like the ones you've shown. Amazing what people think of.

Maggie said...

I want to spend Easter with you and try these pretty cupcakes for myself. Since that's obviously not going to happen could you pack some in a box and pop it in the post?
Seriously, they are beautiful, such a wonderful thing to do together for your family gathering.
Last week you opened Mosaic Monday for me and this week you've closed it, Merci Jo Ann see you next time!

Kim said...

Oh how simply gorgeous!! How fun, a cup cake making and decorating party. Wish I was there to join in the fun. It looks as if you have been decorating cup cakes forever. I think I have to look into getting me the magical decorating tips!

Julie Fukuda said...

Trouble is, those are just too pretty to eat!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Those are amazing little colorful and pretty. I've never seen anyone do this...must take a lot of patience! Lovely mosaic too! Hugs, Diane

Candy S said...

Your cupcakes are so pretty, I don't know which is the prettiest but the yellow with the green leaves sure does look really, really pretty, yep that's right, too pretty to eat. The cake tips are perfect for creating pretty spring blossoms on Easter cupcakes. Yum, yum - eat em up!


J said...

Just beautiful! And just when you think "they've thought of everything" - here these tips come! My past attempts at making pretty icing flowers fell flat - I think I'll have to look for these little gadgets!

Small City Scenes said...

What pretty cakes and a fun time for you gals. Enjoy!

Kay said...

Wow! This is real food art! I especially love those pansies but all of them are glorious! They almost...almost...look too good to eat.