Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Bunny Tea Party

With spring so close, it is time for our Bunny Tea Party.  Friends will be here soon, let's set the table.
Cabbage bowls (bunnies love cabbage, you know) on polka dot luncheon plates. 
 My newest discovery - three bunny face bowls - and the bunnies have polka dots on their ears.
 I found the polka dot plates at the same thrift store last weekend.  The cabbage bowls were a gift from a sweet friend.
 The flatware has daffodils on the handle - perfect for spring tea.  Hope the bunnies don't nibble the daffodils.
 Pink gingham napkins with mini ric rac trim.  And mini flowerpot napking rings - I painted them, and of course they had to have polka dots.  Some day I will find a polka dot tea pot.

 Sweet candy surprises inside the quilted egg.
 Tulip tea cups - perfect for a nice big cup of tea on a chilly pre-spring day.
 We'll have pretty sherbet in the bowls - I think the bunnies would approve.

 Bird's nest tea pot, sweet bunny with spring flowers, and tulip salt and pepper shakers.  We don't really need salt or pepper for a tea party - but they are just so cute they had to be included.
 We're ready for the tea, sherbet and cookies

 A second pot of tea in the Mama Bunny tea pot.

I hear knocking at the door - friends are here for tea - won't you come and join us.  What is your favorite tea?


Tom said...

JoAnn, your collections of collections always put a smile on my face. What a colorful array of spring time treasures you have. I can't wait to see what you have in store for Memorial Day. Thanks so much for sharing, please hurry back.

Rose said...

I am sorry but I only have eyes for the cabbage bowls...I so love them!

Margie said...

Your delightful bunny tea made me smile! Too cute! One of my all-time favourite teas is Earl Grey.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The bunny face bowls are just too, TOO adorable!

Michelle said...

These are just the cutest dishes!

Two Cottages and Tea said...

Oh what a fun time I would have joining you for tea! I love all your bunny items! So cute!

bettyl-NZ said...

These things just made me smile looking at the whimsy of the dishes! They are just beautiful and perfect for the holiday!

Kim said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous collection of exquisite pretties. I could look at all your treasures forever. Those cabbage plates are sweet and those bunny bowls....where oh where did you find them. The tulip cups.....adorable, the quilted egg...cute, cute, cute......! I want to come and sit with you and enjoy some tea. My favourite tea at the moment is Melbourne Breakfast which is an Australian tea from T2. I was just thinking how lovely your Dresden Plate quilt that you are quilting would look amongst all these pretties. How goes the quilting?? =)

Powell River Books said...

I love the bunny bowls. We have been up at the cabin a lot without much Internet so I'm getting caught up. - Margy

Candy S said...

I love the cabbage bowls with the polka dot plates. Everything looks so sweet. The Easter bunny will surly feel welcome in your home when he drops off those Easter baskets next month.