Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Barns and Flowers

The daffodils fields are in full bloom - the scent is heavenly
 The barns are hidden behind the trees - but I wanted a shot with the mountains and daffodils
 An old windmill water tower on a farm, next to a daffodil field
 Two farms and a huge field of daffodils.  These are grown for the bulbs so soon the flowers will be cut off and the bulbs left to mature.  The beauty doesn't last long - but is magnificent while it lasts

 Just a few daffodils in front of this old white barn

 Last year's field - a sprinkling of leftover bulbs of white daffodils bloomed again this year - in front of a majestic brown barn
 Barns in the distance
 And how would you like your farmhouse to be right next to the daffodil field?
No barn in this photo - but look at the Wild Plum Trees flowering in the background - this was a drive-by photo - love the way it turned out.


Julie Fukuda said...

It looks like a sea of yellow. It must be lovely in real life.

J said...

From that expansive, fluttering field of white geese to this eye popping stretch of yellow, you certainly find some amazing sights! Beautiful!

Prairie Needleworks said...

Like Spring Time...I wish the flowers could stay in bloom and be enjoyed just a little bit longer. Such beauty!

Marigene said...

The windmill water tower is an interesting structure...
Yes, it would be wonderful living next to fields of daffodils, it would be fun to be surrounded by so much yellow, such a happy color.
Have a great week, JoAnn.

Rose said...

Oh, so much sunshine in them there fields!!!! Would love to see these for myself.

Kim said...

Oh yes, a farmhouse beside a field of golden, yellow daffodils would suit me very nicely, thank you very much. =) Such dreamy photos, JoAnn! It looks as if Spring has arrived trumpeting it's arrival!

The Furry Gnome said...

Amazing daffodils!

Mary said...

JoAnn, can these scenes from beautiful Washington State get any better? Year after year I love seeing these golden fields with the mountains as a backdrop - this year looks even lovelier. That last pic with the addition of plum blossoms is amazing - I want to live THERE!

Hugs - Mary

Powell River Books said...

I love daffodil time in the valley. Usually by the time I get there it's tulip time. - Margy