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Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hand Embroidered Tea Towels

Sharing again, an older blog post.

Recently a dear friend asked me to again show the tea towels that I embroidered.  This was a few years ago - I really had a blast doing them.

The patterns are Aunt Martha patterns - still available from the original company.  Just don't buy them from ebay - the prices there are a tad outrageous - and they are probably getting the patterns from Aunt Martha (Colonial Patterns) and reselling to unsuspecting shoppers who don't know they are still currently in production)

So let's look at the dish towels.
This is the first set I made - these are for me.
Each maiden has a hat and matching trim on her skirt of appliqued fabric
With buttonhole embroidery
Happy little birds have a busy week

Tea time

Kittens on the go

Raggedy Ann - busy all week

Playful puppies

Silly dishes - singing and dancing

Sassie Susie - helpful all week

Mice - hard at work

Turtles having a good time

 I did a few sets of just two towels  - chickens
 Zany dishes

 And I had to do a set of teddy bears

Do you call them tea towels - or dishtowels?

All the patterns are still available from Aunt Martha's - the company I've been using since I was a kid.  You find them at 

Mosaics are made with, and


Sandra said...

It's always fun to have another look at your wonderful hand embroidery!

Michelle said...

These are wonderful. My grandmother used to do these and also made me pillowcases. Great memories from this post, thank you!

Kay said...

These are great. They're all so cute. You're so talented, JoAnn!
(We didn't have any thunder and lightning last night -- fine with us since we had classes that took us outside a good part of yesterday. In fact, we didn't get any rain until around midday today. It seemed to start clearing around sunset but I think we're in for more tomorrow.)

Julie Fukuda said...

Those are all just too sweet. I'd go crazy if I had to change my towel every day and keep them all in order.

Patio Postcards said...

OH MY - these are lovely, so much work & love put into each one. I have never done any embroidery work but I do remember my Gran doing pillowcases. It's funny you post about tea towels because "pretty teatowels" were an item on a list for the Elder Love Packages our church is making up for our First Nations communities.

Bits of Stitching! said...

Thanks for reposting these lovelies!!! So super cute!!!
You have encouraged me to retake a couple of projects I've been neglecting in which I'm using AM's designs.

Peggy said...

Jo - these are so lovely! I was given a set of pre-finished (serged edges) tea cloths, and some iron-on transfers. I want to do them, but don't know how to 'finish' the back. Any hints?

Granny Sue said...

Love these! Nice work, JoAnn!