Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Olympic Mountain Range

The Olympic Peninsula is quite a ways from where we live and only infrequently do we get to see the Olympic Mountains very clearly.  But recently we had two days in a row when we could see them - such excitement.

The mountains are in the Olympic National Park - we live in Bellingham (top middle-ish) and we were a little north of LaConner, on Fir Island (which isn't marked on the map - but LaConner is) when I took the photos.
The Olympics are stunning with their clouds

There was a flock of Snow Geese in the fields on the way to Stanwood - with the Olympics in the background - what a lucky day it was for us.

And the next day there were no clouds - and the glorious mountains again were clear enough to see.  We spent our vacation last summer on the Olympic Peninsula - such beauty to explore - so much to see - glorious scenery.  Plus we got to visit with another blogger - Kay - who has the best blog about the Olympic Peninsula and her town of Sequim (pronounced Squim).  We talked for hours with Kay and her husband Roger., - had ice cream treats and decided we wanted to talk more and went to dinner together.  

Click HERE - or Kay's name above and see her post about seeing our mountains - probably on the same day was we saw theirs.
 The view was stunning - we often see the Olympics as a fuzzy blur on the horizon - but these two days were exceptional.
Mt. Olympus is the highest peak in the range, at 7,980 feet.  The mountains are protected in the Olympic National Park and the west side of the mountains  receive 140 to 170 inches of rain a year - the wettest area in the United States - while the area Northeast of the mountains is in a rain shadow and receives as little at 16 inches of rain a year, and that is where Sequim is located, so we had fabulous weather for our vacation and our visit with Kay and Roger.


Mary said...

Oh how beautiful JoAnn - so glad you have been able to view the range with snowy peaks so clearly recently. We have driven through the Olympics to reach Port Angeles and taken the ferry across to Victoria BC - always so beautiful.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a treat! You got amazing photos and had the thrill of seeing the Snow Geese too! How wonderful. I know you are getting lots of weather and snow in your state. Take care! Hugs, Diane

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That IS exciting ...beautiful clear magical view of the mountain peaks, all the more wonderful the view being so unexpected and unusual. And you saw snow geese ! And you had your camera. That’s a perfect day in my book. Hope you have many more ... and thanks for sharing this one.

Lorrie said...

I catch glimpses of the Olympic Mountains from my corner bedroom window on clear days. When we hike we often see them across the water, sometimes cloud covered, other times clear. Sometimes, on very clear days, when I'm driving down the highway it seems as though I'm going to drive straight into them; they are so crisp and clear. Truly beautiful!

Granny Sue said...

Breathtaking! No other word for it!