Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vacation Time

Back in April of last year we went on a little vacation to Plain,WA.  I posted on my other blog a little about it - but none of the scenery and surrounding area.

Plain is in Eastern WA - by Eastern, we on the coast mean anything that is across the Cascades.  Plain is about 2 hours east of Seattle - over the mountains - and about 20 miles up the hill from Leavenworth, WA a touristy Bavarian town (the town burned to the ground in the 60s and they built a tourist attraction in the Bavarian style that attracts people year round). But if you want a quieter, more countryside vacation - then Plain is the place for you.

It is just a few miles from Lake Wenatchee - no relation to Wenatchee,WA where you can get some fine apples, and the Wenatchee River, again, not related  to or near Wenatchee, WA.  The state wanted to name the town of Plain, Lake Wenatchee, but the town's people said, "Oh no not that - then everyone will just go over to Wenatchee and pick  apples and we'll never have tourists.  Please name our town anything, but make sure  it is plain".  So someone in the state had a sense of humor,and named the town Plain, WA.  Is that plain enough??

It is a small town - and if it is not tourist season - it seems even smaller.  No restaurants are open, only one little market was open for coffee, snacks, hardware, lumber and hats, and we were told that if there was a medical emergency we should call that taxi company and if they answered the phone then they might take us down the winding hills to Leavenworth - not really a confidence builder.

There are lots of cabins and lodges in Plain - and some are even open  in April.  We stayed at Beaver Valley Lodge - right in the middle of Plain.  Click the link to read about Mrs. Brown Dirt and the lodge.   It was a lodge and storage facility - great combo!  On the first night we were there the motel clerk told us that if we needed anything before she left at 5 that night, be sure and tell her, because she wasn't coming back until two days later. WHAT?  No one on duty at the motel? Well, guess it didn't matter a lot, since we were the only guests in a 90 bed facility - but still - were we supposed to call the taxi if we needed something?  Even when there was someone in the office it was kept locked and we had to communicate with the office by calling on a phone in an outdoor hallway ( no phones in the rooms)  - windy and chilly.  Hmm, strange things in Plain, WA.

We did find a restaurant up the road a bit - 59er Diner  - done up in '59 decor and serving good food.  If you didn't click the first link - here it is again - about the lodge and 59er Diner.  We ate there twice.  Nothing else was open, unless I suppose, we had driven down to Leavenworth, where everything is always open.

But when we go on vacation it is for the scenery and nature - and there were lots of roads to drive on and lots to see - and we had a grand time.

First there was a horse down the road and he seemed to want his picture taken because he would come running up every time we stopped - or maybe he thought we brought him some food - now where would we buy food in Plain?  And we didn't think to bring any carrots, or apples - which we could have bought if we'd gone down to Wenatchee.

Pink wild roses grew everywhere up there - and I guess the horse liked the taste  -   and didn't seem to mind the thorns.

Hey - there's a bird on my back.  .  .

And right across from the lodge was a cute donkey - don't you just love donkeys?

We had nothing to feed the donkey either - but he was so busy eating grass I don't think he minded in the least.
And that was the first two days of pictures of horses and donkeys - many more photos of flowers, rivers, buildings and mountains to come.  I hope you are enjoying our little vacation.

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Lili said...

Oh my goodness Jo, what an unusual motel to leave you there all alone...very interesting, but sounds kind of like the beginnings of a Stephen King movie too...haha! Oh and that horse is so gorgeous and I love the shot of the bird on his back. I enjoyed reading about your Plain vacation!