Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Before the Clydesdales

On the drive up to see the Clydesdales we saw other wonderful things to photograph - it was a good day.

A giant tree - standing all by itself - there is a farmhouse way off to the left.  .  .children climbing the tree, rope swings, birds nesting - it is a grand old tree.

Tree fingers reaching to the sky .  .  . dancing with the slightest breeze.  .  .

A Bald Eagle sitting in a tree that already has spring buds.  .  .

There were swans in the farm fields .  .  . 

And some near the barns and cattle .  .  .

It was a very cold day and the water in the fields had frozen - I like the reflections of the barn in the ice.  The Tractors seem to be huddling up close to the barn to keep warm.  

Spectacular views of Mt. Baker.  .  .

We stopped to buy local honey at our favorite honey stand.  It is done on the honor system, you pick your honey and drop your money in a slot in the counter.  I like that.  We use local honey because it tastes good, and we know where it came from - but also because it helps with allergies.  The  little bits of local pollen in the honey are better than an allergy shot - it boosts one's immunity to local pollens and stops hayfever.  I use local honey in my tea and haven't had allergies for years, and allergies used to be very bad.

They still had their winter decorations up on the honey shack door - and there is no chance of those snowmen melting in those cold temperatures.

More views of Mt Baker - these are the side peaks and a wonderful silo.

And now the silo and Mt. Baker again.  .  .

You just can't have too many photos of Mt. Baker.  .  .

And then views of more mountains.  .  .

Lovely in the sunny sky. ,.  .

This is one of my favorite houses - I wish someone would rehab the sweet thing. I love the big glassed in sleeping porch on the back of the house.  .  .

And of course, more shots of the snow covered mountains.  .  .

Two little boys had been throwing rocks on the frozen pond in their yard.  .  .

When we stopped to take photos, they threw more and more rocks - yet never broke the ice.  I told you it had been clear and cold here for some time now.

Another view of Mt. Baker - love the trees in front.  .  .

Two Trumpeter Swans in a corn field - one junior, one adult.

More mountains - these are The Sisters - some say Two Sisters - some say Three Sisters.  When we first moved to Washington (12 years now) we kept forgetting if they were called The Sisters or The Brothers (mountains where we used to live) so we called them The Siblings.

Oh look  a tree house - now that is a good one.  .  .

Though it could use some weather proofing .  .  .

Don't you just love a tree house - and the fun it represents - the secrets - the books you read there - the spying you did.

And one shaggy cow - and that was our trip - what a great day!!!


Sharon said...

Fantastic photos. You really captured the mood of that area well. I love that big square house. Oh if walls could talk.

David Oliver said...

Wonderful photos. I love the eagle picture, what a great catch! Oh if the walls of the tree house could talk. I sure there has been many "secret meetings" (boys only or girls only) have taken place there?

My Dad (a native Oregonian) always called them Three Sisters.

Everyday things in photos

Lili said...

Oh the snow covered mountains are just amazing Jo! It looks like you had quite a beautiful day and I enjoyed myself tagging along with you through your captures.