Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Monday, February 5, 2018

Flower Review

I received in the mail - 12 stems of Delphinium flowers from ThermaLeaf - they make fire retardant artificial plants and trees.  You'll find a wide range of flowers and trees - for inside and outside the home.  Click the link above to see more.
 These are the Delphinium I chose to review - they came packed in a sturdy cardboard box - and were affixed to the box securely.  Here is the PAGE  from their website with more information about the flowers. 
 The flowers are approximately 4 feet tall - and they were full enough that I could make two bouquets  of 6 flower stems each.  If you had a large urn you could make one large display.
 The silk flowers are strong and well attached to the stems
 The colors are softer than most natural Delphinium, but would go well with many decorating plans.

And I get to keep the flowers


Lorrie said...

I love delphiniums. They look wonderful in a garden, but I don't have much luck with cutting them for the house - they drop their blossoms so quickly. Silk plants are a great option and these look beautiful.

Tom said...

...they look quite natural.

Mary said...

So pretty - one of my favorite English cottage garden flowers! Have tried to grow them here but they don't do well with our hot/humid summer weather. I love these and may consider some later.

Thanks for sharing - they do appear to be much nicer than what I've seen in stores.

Mary -

Kim said...

Those Delphiniums are beautiful, JoAnn.....and....these will always look their glorious best!