Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wednesday Wee Ones - on Thursday

I lost a day this week - actually I lost a week this month - but let's just stick with losing a day.  Thinking today was Wednesday, I planned to have a doll post  - and realizing it is Thursday - decided to do it anyway.

I've been crocheting doll clothes most of the spring - and finally finished outfits for everyone.  Long dresses, like we used to wear in the early 70s.  The dolls think they are great fun - and enjoyed a day in the sunshine on the deck.
 Sunshine and flowers - and pretty new dresses

Abby, who is standing behind you?  Is this a new friend in our group?
It is me, Candace Diane, your new sister.  I came from a yard sale - and I didn't look this good to start with.
Someone got loose with some scissors - and look what they did to my hair - oh my, I was a mess for sure.
But look at my new do - I'm a Ginger and I think it suits me so well.  Don't you agree?

Poppy Sunshine and I are going to pick some fresh flowers in our little pails.  We are so fetching in our summer hats.
 Look. Abby, I have some cute kitties!  Oh Kyla, they are just adorable.
Samantha, Sally Jo, Poppy Sunshine 
Abby, Kyla, Candy D. 
 Summer straw hats are perfect for our new crocheted dresses.

 Sally Jo, let's play catch with the beachball!

Oh Samantha - what a nice tray of sandwiches - let's share with the other girls.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my! They take my breath away. Those little crochet dresses are the cutest...look at the pretty sunshiny colors! And Candy D. is adorable! How fun to have a doll named after your friends. I feel so special today. I think I'll play with my dolls today and at least change them out of their storybook character outfits! haha! They need to move into summer! Love the length of these cute! Just makes me want to hug them all. Have a FUN day! Lots of dollie hugs, Diane and the Florida dollies!

Prairie Patchwork Quilts said...

You not only make the dolls clothes by sewing, you can crochet them too! They look wonderful. Lucky dolls to be so well taken care of. Love the new hair on the Ginger doll. Happy Summer to you.

The Weaver of Grass said...

You really are so clever JoAnn - they are delightful.

Michelle said...

I admire your talent. If these were my dolls, they would end up naked.

RleT E-M said...

I'm glad you posted Wednesday little ones on Thursday. Your dolls look so cute in their dresses.
Keep having fun!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

JoAnn, you have such a talent. Those dresses are so adorable. All the girls sook so pretty. Have a wonderful weekend..xxoJudy

Kay said...

What pretty little dresses you've made! And how nice Candace D. looks with her "new" hair! You've been very busy.(And I'm glad someone else has lost some days this summer...I'm still trying to figure out where June went!)

Candy S said...

The girls look wonderful in their new crocheted dresses. Crocheting the bodices of each dress in different colors gives each doll her own look. Candace Diane makes a beautiful red headed doll. One might even say that she looks stunning! But then all of the girls are looking mighty stunning posed so prettily on the deck. The picture of Kyla next to the pot of flowers spilling over the side of the pot is especially lovely. I love the use of the props in the pictures. I was looking for the beach balls at the Dollar Store where I had seen them last year but my store did not have any when I stopped by. I hope to get a Summer party post ready in a few weeks.

Have a great week..... Hugs, Candy