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Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Trees in Bloom

There is nothing so pretty as Washington State in the spring and summer (or autumn and winter).  In spring and early summer the trees bloom - and they are everywhere.  We live at the top of a very high hill and on the way down into town we have a huge panoramic view of the city - and most of it is trees with a few housetops showing amongst the trees.
 The Horse Chestnut Trees are in full bloom - some white and some newer varieties, like this hot pink one.

 On Chestnut Street, downtown, you will find both the white and the pink Chestnut trees lining the street for blocks.  Be careful in the autumn, while walking under the trees you might get conked on the head as the chestnuts fall with a mighty thud.
 The Hawthorn trees are everywhere and the scent is fabulous.  Bees love them - and in the autumn, birds will feast.

 And if you should be lucky enough to come across a Jacaranda tree, you will feel like you are visiting the fairies that surely live in these lovely trees.  

 They bloom in glorious, long trumpet flowers before the leaves come out.  We came across this one in the woods, not near any houses and were not sure how it got there.  Perhaps a house used to be there, perhaps a bird planted it.  There is a massive one down by the Bellingham Ferry Terminal building, but over the years it has suffered wind damage and much of it has had to be pruned away to be safe - but the flowers are still fabulous.

 Double Flowering Peach trees line many streets and driveways in our town.  There is pink "snow" for weeks.

Dogwood trees bloom in yards, along neighborhood streets and in the woods in early spring. 

 Bayview Cemetery is awash in Dogwood blossoms .
 And the pink Dogwood shines even on cloudy days.

 Golden Chain trees are among the first to bloom each year - their scent is as pretty as their flowers.  Someday I shall have one.

 There is a small walnut orchard on the way to Mt. Baker that blooms gloriously each year. 

What kind of blossoming trees grow in your area?  I'd love to see photos of them.


Kim said...

Your view from high on the hill must be the most amazing sight. Such amazing blossoms everywhere. Oh those trees; they take my breath away. I can just imagine the gorgeous scents that fill the air. I must say, JoAnn....LOVE your Foxglove header.

Tom said...

...a floral explosion.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, they are all gorgeous trees. I love the pinks and the pretty yellow blooms. Beautiful photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful bloomed trees.

Tomoko said...

So many lovely flowers!They are all so beautiful. What a big surprise for me to see your golden chain showering!! Actually I found gold chain flowering last month in my town and it is rare to see the flowers in Japan.Yours are more powerful than the one I found!Thank you for sharing. Have a good new week.

Gillena Cox said...

Happy Mosaic Monday. We have the Golden Chain here in Trinidad and Tobago, folks call these trees 'Shower of Gold or Golden Shower Tree'

much love...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a magnificent time of the year!

Maggie said...

Washington State certainly puts on a beautiful show at this time of year that's for sure. Pink chestnut trees are new to me, we have a big old white one and picking up those conkers in the autumn in not a chore that we enjoy!
Your mosaics are stunning, so colourful and varied, thank you for bringing them to MM this week.

Michelle said...

Such beautiful color! LOVE it!

Angie said...

JoAnn - I am struggling to find the words to describe your post - the colors, the variety, the quality of the close-ups, the unique mosaic styles - all of it is jaw-dropping. We do not have many unique flowering trees - chestnuts, apple, lilacs - so I was really interested in the jacaranda and the golden chain. Thanks for sharing!

Rose said...

These shots are just glorious!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What amazing blooms! The Crepe Myrtle trees are blooming here now but not nearly that many flowers! Hope you're having a FUN week my friend. Hugs!

Sylvia said...

JoAnn, What a lovely assortment of flowering trees. The dogwoods are my favorites. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Sylvia D.