Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - We Go On An Outing

Before Halloween we went to the pumpkin patch - come along and see what we found.

 We're ready to go in our Autumn clothes - it is chillier out now that summer is over
 Abby is snug and warm in her fur lined boots and red tights - with denim skirt and a jacket and scarf

 We  had to look at all the pumpkins to find the best ones
 Abby and Donnie - choosing the best
 Donnie's new haircut - much better - but where is Sally Jo today?
 Here she comes - she wanted to wear her Halloween Fairy Costume again - because she got her new wings.  Aren't you cold Sally Jo?
 No - fairies don't get cold - we just flutter our wings and stay nice and toasty warm

 I love my new wings with a flower in the middle

And we all have wonderful shoes!!
 Poppy ready for Autumn in her plaid skirt and suede coat

We had a fun day - hope you did too.
Visit  Diane and Candy for more fun!!
And a new link today Tartan Parade - for Poppy's skirt!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those clothes are all just PERFECT! And the shoes -- do you make them too? The boots and saddle shoes are especially wonderful.

Thammie TheDollMaker said...

hi JoAnn! Tour dolls are ready to face winter now. They look so adorable in their outfits.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's so nice to have a guy around to carry the pumpkins you find! heehee! Love his new hair cut and the freckles. Love the cute jackets and new shoes and boots too. My kids need to find a few more before cold weather gets here. The fairy wings are beautiful. I love so many of the cute outfits we've made this year. We can give each other a pat on the back....well done! Enjoy your day! HAVE FUN!!! Sweet hugs, your dollie buddy, Diane

Pondside said...

Those wee boots - so cute!!!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Donnie looks much more like a boy now, haha, nice! all the kids look GREAT!

I cannot even believe you have UGG boots in that tiny size, how CUTE - they look just like mine! : - )

You should share this over at the Tartan Parade linky party at Polo House blog! I think they'd love that cute skirt!


Candy S said...

Outstanding job on the Fall outfits, and the fairy dress, and Donnie's new look. As always, Abby is stunning, the denim skirt, the lovely jacket, the red tights, and the boots are picture perfect (pun intended). Poppy's suede coat and plaid skirt (I love the white lace along the bottom edge of the skirt) look great together. Is the coat made from one of those free patterns? And Sally Jo's fairy costume is precious.

But best of all is Donnie's hair cut and with his new outfit he is a perfect rough and tumble little boy. Now he looks just like the "real Donnie.


Kay said...

Very cute outfits - and I love the shoes - but I have to admit I'm still smiling over the candy corn outfits. These are all very sweet and the fairy wings are so special.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

How sweet!
They are all dressed so cute. Love the little Ugg-style booties too!
And can I say -- I want that little plaid skirt for myself with the suede jacket.

Thanks for sharing this post at the Tartan Parade~
Love it.
Alison :)

Sarah said...

What a cute little story. Like Alison, I'd love to add that tartan skirt and suede jacket to my wardrobe. Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade!

Julie Fukuda said...

Sweet outfits for some sweet little people, ans I enjoyed the links too.

Small City Scenes said...

While all your darling are sweet I do like Poppy's outfit. I like her coat.
Oh Joann the Snow Geese ARE here and today I saw 3 Trumpeter Swan flying by. So bring the camera and come on down.

J said...

These always bring me back to my own dolls and the fun of dressing them. Getting a new outfit from mother or grandma was the highlight of the week!