Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - Fashion Show

We're in a fun mood today - so let's do a year long fashion show.  Sit back and enjoy

 We're all dressed up for a day of playing together
 And then a slumber party
Abby and Poppy Sunshine are ready for any kind of weather

All dressed up for Valentines Day
 And baking cookies

 We have our garden outfits - we can trade our hats and bags
 Spring time - striped pants and sweet blouses

 Sunsuits are perfect for the warm spring days - and a sweet doll from our friend Diane
 Shorty pajamas for a springtime slumber party
 Abbey loves her new pink pinafore sundress

And a striped romper is just the thing for a day on the deck

 Poppy is ready for a warm day - or a bit of a chilly day

 Abby and our new sister, Sally Jo - dressed in music note sun dresses and hats - they like to trade too
 Let's get our hair styled - we all have new capes

 Poppy likes to travel - she has her mix-and-match wardrobe ready for any occasion 
 A reversible cape is perfect for chilly evenings while traveling

 And tea with the Queen
 Sally Jo likes to meditate on the deck with her cairns
 All decked out - on the deck - in black and white outfits

 An angel came to visit
Sally Jo and Abby are in their fancy dresses for a tea party

 It is time to begin thinking about cooler evenings - a green coat and hat will do nicely

Sally Jo wants to dress up and cook dinner for everyone - practicing for Thanksgiving
Let's make a cake 
 Poppy's jumper is perfect for those days that are not quite summer and not quite Autumn 
 And Abby has a cute Bubble Dress with matching dancing shoes
 Three friends all dressed up

 Time for Halloween. Candy Corn costumes - new Halloween outfits and a surprise - our new brother Donnie - he loves his Zorro costume

 A visit to the pumpkin patch - Donnie has a new jacket - and Sally Jo got her new wings - she says fairies don't get cold when they are flying while wearing their silver shoes

Sally Jo is out hunting for a turkey to invite to Thanksgiving dinner - she found a very friendly one

We hope you enjoyed our fashion show - do come back later for christmas fashions.

Visit Diane and Candy - lots more fun with dolls.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun! We can really see what we've sewed when we look back at our photos! I've had such a fun year thanks to you and your dollies! And to pick a favorite would be hard but I just have to say, I love your little Halloween costumes. I keep going back to look at them again! And the green coat....and striped pants with white blouses...oh so many favorites! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family. What a blessing your friendship is to me. Sweet hugs, Diane

Candy S said...

My goodness, you have made my day!!! I did not realize how many beautiful outfits that you had made over the course of the year. Each one is lovely, but I do have to confess that I am so partial to purple that Poppy's purple and blue dress in August and Abby's purple pansy dress in October just make my eyes dance with delight!! But equally delightful were the girls baking cookies wearing their lovely little Valentine's day dresses. Oh, and of course the girls potting up their plants in their wonderful watermelon print gardening outfits were pure fun to look at. But I don't want to neglect mentioning how sweet the girls were in their little sundresses, and then the Halloween costumes looked marvelous, and Oh yea, I almost forgot their fancy tea party dresses (they looked as if they were really enjoying their little tea set). Wait, I was wrong when I said I had favorites! I love all of their pretty outfits each and every one.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving..... Hugs, Candy

PS: After many sewing setbacks last week (like cutting the wrong pieces not just once but four freaking times)I did not get much done on the doll's Thanksgiving outfits. If I can I will post the girls later in the week with the Thanksgiving tablescape I think. I have to work on the hundreds of photo's that I am scanning to crop and tweak (and to add the who, where, and whens to the pics) to share with our children for the memorial for their father this weekend. All of the children will be here for Thanksgiving and the weekend too.

J said...

This is just precious! I enjoyed seeing them all, and remembering most of them. The pink pinafore is my favorite, although those shorty jammies are another one! The detailing is so perfect and makes your clothes stand out. Have you ever considered allowing the girls, and Donnie, to adopt a pet? I'd love to see the seasonal sweaters and coats and hats and Halloween costumes you'd come up with for them too!

Powell River Books said...

You are so good at sewing. That's an amazing amount of outfits and perfect for each month and season. - Margy

Jeanne said...

Sew sweet!!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi JoAnn. You certainly have a good time with your little "girls". I can tell how much love goes into making and planning their outfits. I wish I had a good a wardrobe!! Hope you and your family and your girls have a great Thanksgiving..Hugs, Judy

Kay said...

Gee, I wish I had a wardrobe as cute as all your dolls do! I especially like the garden outfits but they're all wonderful.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, JoAnn!

Montanagirl said...

Oh my - how fun was that!!??!

doodles n daydreams said...

what a fun post, I caught up with some of the outfits I have missed through the year.


Julie Fukuda said...

My, but they must need a large closet to hang all those outfits. I don't dare let my dolls see this post or they will be very jealous.

Small City Scenes said...

Oh Joann you have such fun with your girls. I played with horses when I was little and big too---didn't want a doll but you have truly shown what fun can be had. Thanks for the journey through the year.

Small City Scenes said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

Mary said...

Oh wow - what an amazing bunch of gals!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
Hugs - Mary