Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - Let's Go Traveling

I'm Poppy Sunshine, and I'm ready for my summer vacation. This year I'm travelling to England - and the Queen has invited me to tea.
I have my traveling wardrobe all ready to go.  I hope the Queen like green, purple and blue
I have my money for souvenirs
And have exchanged some of it for Euros, so I'll fit in
And my passport and a book for reading on the transatlantic flight
My wardrobe for traveling is interchangeable - giving me many looks with few pieces - I learned that from our blogging friend Mary.  She is from England and travels a lot.
I borrow shoes from Sally Jo - don't you think they are perfect for the trip - low heels for walking and comfy too
My skirt and blouse match

Or I can change it up with a dotted blouse
Two vests give me a lot of different looks 

I have my purse and a book to read - guess which book I'm reading.  (You can buy a real one for yourself by clicking the book just under the heading on this blog)  I highly recommend it.
 Plus another piece of my wardrobe is a cape that is reversible, in case I get chilly

I must learn to curtsy properly

Now I'd like now to show you how to make some luggage - and a few of my accessories 
First we gather together the supplies
Felt, boxes, ribbon, buttons, glue, scissors and a pencil

Take any rectangular shaped box - we used a paper clip box and a metal band aid box
Cut the colored felt to wrap around the boxes - and glue it down
Glue pieces to the top and bottom and trim to fit - be careful here - the felt likes to slide a bit (maybe we should have let it dry a little longer before we trimmed - but we are impatient)
Cut small strips of felt in a contrasting color and glue around the luggage
Next - buttons on the bottom of the luggage for wheels - mine have diamonds in the center, since I'm going to visit the Queen

A long strap makes it easier to pull the luggage along in the airport (I don't have helpers to carry my luggage like the Queen does)

For a carry-on bag roll a long strip of felt into a cylinder, glue felt circles on the ends and add straps of felt.
Now let's clean up our mess and put our supplies back where they belong - that's good!!

Afternoon tea with the Queen was delightful.
 We had fine china with roses and a lacy tablecloth

 Even proper napkin rings and a linen napkin.
 We had biscuits (that is British for cookies), small sandwiches and tarts
 We talked of Corgis, the Queen's great-grandchildren, ancient castles and the lovely scenery of England, it was a very good tea
 If you are ever in England I hope you get to have tea with the Queen
 I love my traveling wardrobe - I think the Queen was impressed too, she mentioned that she loved purple and blue.
My blouse, vest and cape
Blouse, vest, skirt and cape
 Mix and match so I get the most outfits
Have you a trip planned for this summer?  We'd love to hear all about where you are going - and if you have a special wardrobe that would be fun to see too.

Diane picked the fabrics for this week - stop over and see what she has sewn - and be sure and visit Sheila - she makes wonderful things for her dolls too.


Shelia said...

Hi JoAnn! Oh, just look at cute Poppy Sunshine and her traveling wardrobe! I love her outfits and how everything can be interchanged! You did a beautiful job on them. Thanks for the tute on how to make the little bag too. I'm so enjoying Diane and your dolly sewing! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my goodness...where to begin! You really outdid yourself this week. The little outfits with matching capes are adorable! This fabric really was pretty and your doll looks gorgeous. Love the little bubble to the dress., passport and your book...brilliant! Of course it's so neat that we both made accessories and showed how we did it. You would think we got together and decided that. FUN FUN FUN! My dollies will all want to travel now! Enjoy your day dollie friend. Hugs, Diane

Candy S said...

Poppy Sunshine is adorable in her beautiful interchangeable outfits. I love the purple and blue combination of colors, they suit Poppy's complexion and hair color perfectly. I bet the Queen would be impressed with your creative skills in writing and sewing. Beautiful job JoAnn, I am so impressed! Now I have to go visit Diane and Shelia. Have a wonderful day....Candy

Thammie TheDollMaker said...

Hi JoAnn, your doll looks so smart in her outfit. Making two vests was a great idea. Thanks for showing how you made the bag.
Take good care of yourself and keep having fun sewing with Diane,

J said...

What a wardrobe and what an adventure for pretty Poppy! I'm very impressed with her luggage. Every finishing touch on your work is so neatly done.

Kay said...

Very pretty colors and equally cute outfits! (My mother made outfits similar to this one year for a family vacation. This reminds me of those travels and how we'd made everything mix-and-match.)

doodles n daydreams said...

Very pretty travelling clothes. I'm sure the Queen would have loved the colours, she is always dressed in bright, happy colours.


Amy at love made my home said...

Glad you had a lovely tea with the Queen! I am sure that she thought your outfits were very pretty! xx

KathyB. said...

I enjoyed this post !I have 7 granddaughters we have gifted with AG dolls over the years and a few patterns to sew clothes for their dolls. Of course a doll needs to have a versatile wardrobe, especially when traveling. Thanks for the tips on making the accessories too.