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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Tuesday's Treasures

Because I took time off from blogging during the holidays I didn't get to share any christmas dishes or tables with you.
This ceramic train is a special holiday decoration - we've had it since our kids were in high school - and they are almost all 50 years old now.  They still enjoy seeing it set out for christmas.  The three cars to the train are candy dishes and you lift the lid to find M&Ms inside - plain M&Ms in the yellow car, mint M&Ms in the blue and the caboose holds peanut M&Ms.  No change in the cargo plans each year.  
Our grandsons look forward to the day that the cargo is loaded.  I made the train in Southern California - a group of us went to ceramics once a week and had a blast painting cute things for our homes.  This train is one of my favorites.  I wish that there were still ceramic shops like the one we used to go to.
The table is set for Christmas Eve - I made the Gingerbread house in the center - it is plastic canvas and the lid comes off and it can be filled with tiny gifts.

The china cabinet holds christmas dishes gathered over the years.  The three carolers in the center bottom of the photo were made by me at the same ceramic shop as the train.  I painted them to look like our three children when they were little - the hair, eyes and clothes match each of our three kids.
The holly teapot is a special treasure that we found on ebay - and the matching holly cream and sugar, salt and pepper were a lovely gift from my cousin Linda a few christmases ago.

The table is ready for Christmas Eve feasting!
The tall white shelf in the dining room holds my collection of Lefton Holly dishes from the 50s and 60s.  Over the years we've gathered a rather nice array of pieces.  Atop the shelf are green depression glass pitchers and a vase.
All sorts of delicious things to choose from - come, fill a plate!

I'm glad you stopped by - we certainly have a grand time at Christmas in our home.


eileeninmd said...

Hello, your Christmas decorations, dishes and table look beautiful. The food looks yummy too. I love the poinsettia too. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

Candy S said...

I love the train, and I love the fact that you made it and the ceramic Christmas carolers in ceramics classes. I only have a few of the ceramic items that I made for Christmas (back in the day) left. My boys are always happy to see the hand made ceramic Christmas trees, carolers, and candy jars come out after Thanksgiving. Your home looks delightful for your Christmas celebration. I can smell those home baked cookies and cups of holiday tea right now.

The Lefton holly dishes look so pretty on the white shelves. Have a great week..... Hugs, Candy

Maggie said...

So happy to have you back with me for Mosaic Monday this week and to have seen how your celebrated at Christmas. Love your green dishes and the green pressed glassware, perfect for a family celebration.

Snap said...

I never tire of seeing Christmas. Such a happy time! Happy Monday!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the plastic canvas gingerbread house and the serving tray that spells out Noel.

Kay said...

A great feast and a home filled with wonderful mementos and memories...what could be better at Christmas?!?
Happy New Year, JoAnn!

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

Such a festive Christmas feast! Everything is beautifully coordinated. I especially like your gingerbread house. So much more practical than the "candy" ones that always seem to collapse in my house.
Thank you for your visit. I took a blogging break and I'm really enjoying connecting with everyone again.

Stewart M said...

Thats a fine looking spread of food.


Cheers - Stewart M - (back in) Melbourne

Tom said...

...JoAnn, you have collections of collections of treasures. It's amazing what you have found over the years. Thanks so much for sharing this week, take care and stop back when you can.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

JoAnn, looks like you had a grand Christmas. Your Lefton dishes are spectacular. What a great collection. Love the gingerbread house and your 3 little kiddies. It is sad that all those ceramic shops closed. I wonder why? The one I went to was always so crowded. That's where I learned and later bought my own kiln and the greenware was so pretty and different. I eventually sold the kiln, but now wish I still had it, but probably couldn't find any greenware to fire..Happy Tuesday, my friend, it is good to see you back..xxoJudy

Lorrie said...

You have some very pretty Christmas dishes. The train is something special that your kids and grandkids look forward to. And why not? M&Ms are always popular!

Lila Rostenberg said...

I love seeing your Christmas table!
Special decor and special memories!
Love the holly teapot especially!

Betty Crow said...

Your Christmas decorations are very nice. I love the train. I used to go to ceramics back in the mid 70s, but haven't found a shop since. I saw an ad on the TV here, but it's an hour drive away, so doubt I will get to take advantage. I'm partial to the green depression glass. Beautiful!

Angie said...

So glad you decided to 'catch up' and show us your Christmas decorations! I especially like the carolers that you painted to look like your kids. We have a ceramics studio in town and my daughter and I went over the holidays to make a gift for an upcoming family event - so fun! I spotted the 'pigs in blankets' in your festive spread - I love noshing on them!

Powell River Books said...

You always have the best decorations and tablescapes. We had a quiet Christmas with a quick trip to Los Angeles afterwards for some USC women's basketball games. I took some time off from blogging as well, but mainly because I just didn't get around to it. - Mary

A Colorful World said...

Your Christmas decorations and all that yummy food were all so festive! You go all out with your Christmasy things! Really loved the ceramic train, and what a special treasure for your family.

Kim said...

I always love looking at the pretty dishes you have, JoAnn. You certainly have a glorious collection. The ceramic train is fabulous.