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Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Teapots for All Seasons

I love a good cup of tea - and I love teapots
 These teapots are in a hutch in the kitchen - when I am at the baking island this is my view - it is always cheery
 Sweet Bunny teapot - great for 
springtime tea parties
 Violets and pansies
 All the teapots are from thrift shops, antique malls or yard sales - except for the Desert Rose - which came from my Granny - Desert Rose was her everyday dishes for years and years.  Many of the teapots were gifts.
 I have several tea-for-one sets - this is one of my very favorites shhhh, don't tell the others that I said so.

 I have more teapots than will fit in that one hutch Red Transferware is nice for summer tea
      I have many seasonal themed teapots that only  come out during certain holidays. 
 Springtime tea
 Red Transferware is perfect for summer
 Autumn brings out the Sears Cattail teapot ,
it is 73 years old 
 And for christmas - Santa, Snowman 
and lots of holly
The holly teapot can be used on into winter,
long after christmas

A garden tea party 
Every teapot has special memories

Scarecrow and Pumpkin teapot 

for hearty Autumn tea -  won't you have a cup?
Tuesday Cuppa Tea 


Tom said...

A quick question for you do you store and display all of your treasures? You certainly have collected some lovely things. Thanks for your visit, I hope that you stop back again soon.

Bernideen said...

You have a teapot for every occasion and season. The red transferware one is my favorite! Great collection and I thank you for sharing and linking.

Small City Scenes said...

What wonderful tea cups and tea pots too. You have a wonderful collection and they are all shiny clean too. How do you manage that?

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oh my! Your tableware collection is amazing, and you display it to perfection. I have a few mis-matched bits and a 'Brown Betty' teapot!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your home is just perfect for Autumn (the post below and this one too), and perfect for tea any season. Wonderful collection. I love your header photo too.

Kay said...

We're now getting into the best time of year for a good cup of tea, too.

Margie said...

What a delightful collection of teapots! I acquire most of my teapots from thrift stores and yard sales too.

Sandra said...

You have a lovely collection of Tea Pots and they are so beautifully displayed.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Great collection of tea pots. I can't even decide on a favorite, there are so many nice ones.

I have a rhinoceros tea pot that I got at the Home Goods store. (I love rhinoceros.) Other than that one, I have a "regular" tea pot for actually making tea. :-)

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi JoAnn. What little beauties and you have a whole lot. You are set for any occasion and they are all so pretty. I did look back at your last post too that I missed and your table looks wonderful. I have a few t-pots, with the little crow one of my favorites. I know you like him too but I have never seen another like him, but still looking for you. I don't have a special Christmas one though, and that will be my next find. Your Santa one looks just like something I have, except mine is a set of measuring cups that fit into each other. You will see it soon..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

Lilbitbrit said...

Such a lovely collection of teapots and being a Brit, I love my teapots.

Powell River Books said...

I have what was called a chocolate set from my grandmother. It's been in storage for a long time so I don't remember it exactly, but I recall a tall pot with small handled cups. - Margy

Julie Fukuda said...

What! No froggy teapot? Maybe I should send you mine.

J said...

How fun it is to have a collection that spans the seasons! You never have to go through a "post holiday slump" because there's always another around the corner - and you have the cute dishes and teapots to celebrate it!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Oh my goodness you have alot of teapots! I think you have more than me! I enjoyed spending some time looking at all your darling teapots!