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Are We Walking to Alaska
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Barns Near LaConner, WA

Some great barns and scenery through the year.  Most of these barns are outside the city of LaConner, WA 
Looks like this barn is playing peek-a-boo.

A wreath on a barn - this barn has been converted into a gym and other activity spaces.

Near the barn, very old tree with a country seat.  Spring and summer must be wonderful here.
Though I would turn that chair to the 
side for a view of Mt. Baker
A clever mailbox, perfect for a farm.

Further down the road - a sweet tree house
And more mountains!
A new barn - with a very modern home behind.
Back to more a more traditional barnyard.
A lovely old chicken house that has been converted - think of all the wonderful 
things you might do in this space.

A very old school building - built in the early 1860s - sadly now left to the elements.  It sits next to an home, built in 1901, on private land - they have kept up the yard surrounding the school - but the building should be restored because of its history.

In 1977 there was an effort to raise money and restore the school - but only a few things were fixed and the plan never was completed.  It was the first school in Skagit County and has an interesting history.  For more info - here is a very interesting blog- Sun Breaks .
Pleasant Ridge - No. 14 - even the sign shows its age.  I'm not sure why the sign says No. 14 - unless later the building was used for the Grange.  Since it was the first school in the county, the No. 14 is puzzling.


Marigene said...

You got great shots of barns and Mt. Baker this week, JoAnn. My favorites are the gambrel barns, but I do like that all the others. That chicken house is great, bet it took forever to get the inside cleaned out, though!
I have seen similar Grange signs like the one on that schoolhouse. Why, oh why, hasn't someone taken on the task of bringing that old schoolhouse back Hope you have a great week, JoAnn.

whitey said...

love that school house

Tom said...

JoAnn, what a neat collection from your beautiful part of the world. The barns are great, but the old school speaks to me. Looks like they needed a school to teach folks how to count! Thanks for joining in this week and please hurry on back.

Sandi said...

I love the simple beauty of these pictures.

Montanagirl said...

Wonderful set of photos! I really like the shot of the tree and chair. Lots of nice barn photos too!

Small City Scenes said...

Any shot with "our" mountain is a great shot. Love all the pictures. I have taken so many pictures of the old Pleasant Ridge school over the years and wondered why it wasn't better taken care of. It is a treasure. MB

Rose said...

I love the old school, and the chicken house...and all the others, too.

Kay said...

I'll bet that no. 14 relates to the grange.
Clallam County has lost many of his historic schoolhouses. It seems they're just not valued until it's too late. This one looks like a real treasure. It's a shame to see it looking so neglected.

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely set of photo's, I enjoyed everyone ... but those mountain views look great.

Have a lovely new week.

All the best Jan

Gayle atMuldoon said...

Maybe the tree seat is to wait for the schoolbus? Chicken Coop = rolling skating rink.

J said...

Breathtaking shots of Mt. Baker. How wonderful to always have her presence in the background. Unlike the decaying barns, she's going nowhere!
I cannot believe that schoolhouse would be left to just fall apart! Seems like it could easily be moved and used as either part of a museum or maybe even a cute little quilt or pottery shop. I hope someone sees this and helps!