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Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Friday, November 22, 2013

A Happy Thanksgiving for Everyone

This time of the year I think about past Thanksgivings - this is a little story about someone else's Thanksgiving, that I helped to make a little happier.

It started with  a teapot.  I had ordered a teapot for christmas - the white one on the right, with holly and berries on it.  I love holly dishes and the shape of this one is so charming - it reminds me of a little bag, with the ruffle at the top.

The teapot  came quickly.  Soon after, another bigger package arrived from the same seller. I was curious as to why another package was coming - but  I opened it, and inside was a gorgeous set of dishes in lovely Autumn colors. Not something I would necessarily buy and definitely not something that I DID buy.  I contacted the seller immediately, knowing that they had mailed to the wrong buyer.

After a few emails back and forth we got it straightened out, but the seller had a problem, those dishes in the second package were intended for someone's thanksgiving table and there was not time to send them back to the seller and have him resend them, so I offered to mail them to the correct buyer so they would arrive in time for their celebration.  The seller was so relieved - and in a day or two I got another email from him, offering me any item on his ebay site for free.  I pondered all the wonderful things he had for sale - and he had some wonderful things, and finally settled on one hand painted plate with pink roses on it.  It was hard to choose - he had a lot of hand painted plates and I loved them all.

Then another wait - and when the package came it was much heavier than just one plate - and to my  surprise he had sent all FIVE of the plates in that set - what a glorious thank-you gift it was.  And yes, the other dishes did arrive at the correct house in time for thanksgiving and everyone was happy - especially  me.

These plates are hand painted and have a lovely gold edge, and continue to be some of my favorite dishes - and you know I have a lot of dishes to pick from.

This is the plate I picked - what a hard choice .  .  .

 And all the other plates are the ones he sent - what a gracious gift.  

And a Happy Thanksgiving was had by all.


Kay said...

Sweet! What a nice story - and such a happy ending! Pretty plates, and I think you picked out the prettiest. They're so nice I think I'd actually be reluctant to use them.

We've been having the coldest nights here. How about you? We've been down in the low 20s!

Julie Fukuda said...

I had to go and look because I have dishes very similar to that. The edge is gold but not with scallops and could have been painted by the same artist. No clue on the back but I know it is old because it once belonged to my great aunt.

J said...

What a sweet story of what can happen when considerate, unselfish people line up in a circle of thoughtfulness! Everybody won on this one!
Your dishes are so pretty - what a nice reminder of the year Thanksgiving connected three very nice people!

The Weaver of Grass said...

So pretty JoAnn - as they say here one good turn deserves another.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a charming story! Your good deed created good karma for you.

Peg said...

What a lovely story - and what a wonderful reward!

eileeninmd said...

A very nice and happy Thanksgiving story. Your plates are very pretty and I love the teapot too.
Have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh my goodness, what pretty dishes!! Karma has a way of taking care of people who do the right thing. :-) I love both of your holly teapots!

Mary said...

I loved the story Joann, and just knowing you through your great blog I know YOU would do such a kindly deed to help someone else! The plates were a generous thank you. It's lovely knowing there are good people out there!

Happy weekend dear - Mary

Lorrie said...

That's a wonderful story, JoAnne. You did something helpful and kind and someone else wanted to be kind to you. Oh, if only there were more and more stories like this everywhere. Have a great weekend.

Candy S said...

JoAnn, How very nice of you to have gone the extra mile to help out another family (and the Ebay seller) to have a lovely Thanksgiving. That is what Karma is all about. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


Faye said...

What just a plain old GOOD story! And a great reminder that what goes around, comes around. Three people made happier by each one making just a little effort to do something nice and accommodating. And every time you look at these sweet dishes you'll be reminded of this!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

A very NICE story about two very nice people! :)

GardenOfDaisies said...

Happy thanksgiving!!

Jeanne said...

Nice story. Beautiful dishes. Sometimes, with so much negative news, we forget that most people are kind and generous.